Home Fire Safety Tips

Protect your home and your family with these 4 essential home fire safety tips:


1) Create multiple fire escape plans for your family to adhere to in the event of an emergency. Having an escape plan is a critical and proactive step to keeping your family safe. As part of your family’s escape plan, designate a specific individual(s) to get infants and small children out of the home safely. Ensure that you review and practice the escape plans with the entire family several times. You can never be too cautious.

2) In the event of a fire, exit the building immediately. Beforehand you will need to identify the most appropriate exits to be taken in the event of a fire. Ensure that the entire family is aware of where the exits are located. Also take into consideration any obstacles that may be in the way such as burglar bars or furniture that might block these exits. When you get out of the building, stay out and call for help. Do not go back into the home for anything.

3) If you are trapped in the building and cannot safely escape try your best to keep smoke out of the room by covering the spaces around the doors and other points of entry with tape, towels, or whatever you have available. If you are trapped in a room with a window, stay near it and keep it opened. If you are unable to escape through the window then signal for help with a light-colored cloth or a flashlight.

4) As a family, develop fire safety habits:

  • Prevent the start of fires by avoiding having several appliances plugged into a single electrical socket.
  • When you are cooking do not leave the stove unattended. Any item that can catch on fire should be kept away from your stovetop especially if it is lit.
  • Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn easily and always have them placed on a non-flammable surface. Remember to blow them out when you are leaving a room and especially before going to sleep.
  • Lastly, keep matches and lighters in a safe place, out of the reach of children.


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  1. rachel frampton

    My home is located near a factory which is quite prone to fire accidents; that’s why I’m thinking of investing in fire extinguishers. I’m glad you shared this; I’ll make sure to create escape plans and designate tasks for each one of us, just in case something happens. I’d also keep in mind to come up with fire safety habits by instructing them to keep their matches and lighters away from the kids.