About Our Team

Meet Our Team

We live by our company slogan “Live Different“. By continuously improving the quality of our services through qualified staff and commitment to deliverables. Our mission is to provide all our clients with quality service, from concept planning through to completion, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical experience.

We have staff of diverse backgrounds and experience, which includes professional engineers (PE), architects, trained technicians, trained cost technicians, and other construction related professionals.

All of our projects are managed by trained professionals and the staff used is selected based upon the best qualified for your particular project.

Alistair Grell

Business Leader

Melissa Elwin

Environmental, Construction Contract Administration

Delphina Common

Office Manager

Lex Jervier

Cost and Construction Technician

Lawrence Jerome

AutoCAD Technician and Supervisor

Marcus Philbert

Design Architect Consultant

Fredericka Durand

Management Consultant

Gil R. Guillermo Jr

Structural Engineer Designer

Why Choose Us?

On Time Service

All projects have defined time periods some stricter than others, as such, we take seriously our commitment to our clients to honour these project goal parameters.

A Team Of Professionals

Each project has unique deliverables, no two projects are identical. Therefore, we aim to service each project with the best resources available to meet project goals and objectives.

Long Experiences In This Field

Our leadership team are led by experts in their field with sufficient experience and expertise to drive the processes and projects forward to meeting client driven targets.

Efficient Design

No effort is spared by our team in understanding well client needs and goals so that the final designs reflect closely what is desired. Indeed for us a successful project goes hand in hand with a satisfied customer.

Carefully Planned

Our rigorous and structured design process means each stage of work must be carefully planned. Clients make huge investments for their projects our input must therefore be value engineered.

Smartly Execute

A well thought and structured design process must be accompanied with an equally well planned and executed build approach, therefore our project management team provides the input required to ensure execution is in line programs and plans.