Pre-Designed Residential Plans

Why pre-designed?

The Story .

The creative talents of our firm’s architects, paired with their zealous commitment to customer satisfaction have moved the company to create a collection of  pre-designed house plans. The idea is to provide a wide selection of pre-designed house plans that clients/soon to be home-owners can purchase at a competitive price, within a significantly shorter period than in the custom design process.

SCL has designed a diversity of innovative, functional and unique house plans that are eye catching not only to Dominican families but also to families across the globe. These house plans are available to private individuals and professional home builders. Although these plan sets are complete, it is expected that minor modifications will be made to suit clients’ taste and site-specific conditions.

If you do not see exactly what you’re looking for, our experienced team of designers can work with you to make changes to any of our house plans. We can also design a custom house plan to fit your requirements.

Our goal is to completely satisfy our clients, whether you are building a cottage or castle!

Benefits of a cost estimate

It provides an open basis for the contract; the client provides an extensive and clear statement of the work he/she requires and the contractor states the price at which he/she is prepared to undertake the job.

Saves the cost and time of several contractors measuring the same design in order to calculate their bids for competition.

It ensures that all tenders submitted by contractors use the same basis for pricing and thus enables quotes to be competitive and comparable.

Since contractors use the Cost Estimates as a baseline upon which he/she establishes his/her costs and profits, this reduces the number of over-priced tenders.

The Cost Estimate provides a strong basis for financial administration of the contract. It provides a basis for assessing variations and facilitates financial control by the client.

The cost of a building/structure is estimated from the measurements in the Architects’, Structural Engineers’ and other building consultants’ drawings.

Preparation of an effective Cost Estimate requires that the professional have access to every detail of the project.

Therefore a Cost Estimate from a trained cost estimator working directly with an engineer and/or architect is more credible.

Our experienced cost estimator works closely with our architects and engineers to ensure that the client achieves the best value for money.

As construction managers we are experts in construction supervision, reporting, contract administration, planning and cost control, and value engineering.

Cost Estimate

A Cost Estimate is prepared to provide an extensive and itemized list, which gives details of the quantity, quality, dimensions, type and price of all materials and labour of each of the components or items required for a construction project. A Cost Estimate is very important, as it will be used to establish the final price to be paid for the construction of a building/structure and will also form part of the construction contract.

Plan Content

All of our house plans include floor plans, elevations and sections, roof plan, typical foundation, electrical and plumbing layout, framing details, rafter framing details and miscellaneous internal and external details.

How To Proceed

Send us an e-mail stating the name of the house plan or call us. If you contact us via email, our design staff will get back to you soon after we receive your information. Our designers want to make your dream house a reality and are more than willing to work with you to achieve your dream.

Modifying a house plan

Each of these house plans can be modified to make it the plan for your home for a small price increase.

They are drawn with the most up to date software which enables us to provide clear, accurate and easy to read house plans. It also allows us to modify our existing plans to meet any changes you may need.

Some common changes requested are:

  • Mirror Prints – Reversing the layout of the plan
  • Repositioning of walls that are not “load-bearing”
  • Increase or decrease room sizes Addition or removal of rooms, porch, garage etc.
  • Relocation of features such as doors, windows, bathtubs/showers, cabinets and appliances etc.
  • Redesign elevations.
  • Redesign foundation or interior layout.