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Carib Territory Water Supply Project

Our depth of experience collaborating with governments and stakeholders to execute projects has given us a clear understanding of the machinery of government and the layered decision-making processes involved. This understanding has been the basis for our success on public projects.


Through a collaborative effort between our engineers, we utilize an integrated approach to offer cost-effective project delivery on commercial projects such as restaurants, apartments, hotels, office buildings, among others.


Our understanding of local conditions and wide project experience provides our multi-disciplined design team with a complete understanding of the unique components and challenges entailed in providing solutions on institutional projects.




We assist in designing improvements to redevelopment projects to extend the service life of structures. Our engineers and other technical professionals have the experience and expertise to value deteriorating infrastructure and engineer the most suitable solutions considering objectives and constraints.

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We serve as a trusted partner on residential projects. We provide advice and solutions to homeowners to allow them to build in environments of their choice. We provide quality recommendations to mitigate/eliminate coastal flood, landslides, hurricanes and earthquake damage to infrastructure.


We utilize our expertise to impact the lives and futures of those who participate in our annual internship program. We also sponsor the education of the less fortunate to study technical disciplines. In addition, we provide technical support for infrastructural projects being undertaken by non-profit/community institutions such as schools.

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Who we are

SORELL CONSULTING LTD (SCL) is an Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firm specializing in a range of civil engineering and architectural design services for both the private and public sector. SCL provides professional engineering and architectural design services for clients wanting to develop their ideas. We help our clients assess, develop and implement their ideas in a safe efficient manner.

Our Services .

Sorell Consulting Ltd provides services to all markets across many sectors.

We have an inclusive approach to problem solving which has been one of our hallmarks in providing successful projects that are client centered which meet goals and expectations.

Transforming visions and ideas into environments that best represent our client goals and understanding.


6 Fort Lane, P.O. Box 1232 Roseau, Dominica, W.I.
(767) 449-9030 – info@sorell.dm

Our Ethos .


“To serve our clients well, SCL boasts staff that are reliable, courteous, team-driven, and technically proficient.”

SCL provides fully independent, unbiased assessments. Our personnel have experience in reviewing, assessing, developing, and implementing many types of projects.



“We live by our company slogan “Live Different.” 

To deliver the best services in a supportive environment, locally and regionally, through the provision of real estate, unique model house and building designs, construction of residential and commercial buildings, architectural and engineering consultancy.



  • Sorell provided a professional and structured approach to its services ensuring successful completion of the project. Sorell was particularly responsive to issues as they arose and were flexible and open in finding resolutions. I look forward to continuing to work with Sorell in future projects.

    Secret Bay
  • The community-driven participatory approach to BNTF intervention calls for active involvement of focus groups and Project Monitoring Committees (PMCs), etc. both in design and supervision. Sorell has understood this approach and has over the years responded favourably in providing good work harmony with BNTF Office and respective beneficiary groups. Also, the quality of sub-projects delivered has been satisfactory. Though challenges have arisen in the past, the consultant has displayed no hostility or indifference, but a willingness to work collaboratively addressing matters of concern.


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Sorell Consulting Ltd. offers a full array of professional staff in the fields of engineering and project management to effect construction management and inspection services.


Our capabilities include a wide range of projects from single family home renovations to new commercial and industrial facilities.


All of our designs conform to the requirements of international and local building codes. Our structures are designed in timber, steel or concrete.


Our Civil Engineering Division cam take a project through planning, preliminary design, and ultimately to the final design staff where the project is ready for bid and construction.


We perform a wide range of assessments including; Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Engineering Assessment, Environmental Risk Assessment, among others.


SCL offers fully integrated design/build services. We handle a variety of projects from start to finish. With quality solutions and respect for process we work to ensure client expectations are met.


Our expertise brings value to clients faced with complex drainage constraints; clients and projects come from public agencies, private developers, and individual property owners.


SCL’s Environmental Department provides a variety of services that enhance best management practices, which incorporates environmental solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs.


Other services provided by Sorell Consulting Ltd. include Concrete Testing, Rebar Testing, Surveying and Drafting.


SCL have experience in residential design. We take pride in delivering designs that accommodate to our clients differing needs while maintaining quality and ensuring a sustainable product.


SCL have experience in the commercial sector. We understand the economy of the environments where we work and engage our clients to create a product that is functional and efficient.


SCL impress the importance of project programming with our clients as it is through a structured approach that all clients vision and objectives can be met while preserving functional, creative and clear design approaches.

House Plans

We develop innovative, functional and unique house plans.

Sustainable Places

We are committed to producing socially, environmentally responsible designs.

Concept to Realty

Providing everything from analysis, planning, and design.

The Best Design For Your Project.

We strive to deliver superior levels of services, build relationships that grow over time and continuously improve the quality of services to help our clients achieve their goals in the most efficient and economical manner. 

Make Your Dream Home a Reality.

From concept planning through to completion SCL combines knowledge, common sense and practical experience to produce structurally sound, functional and aesthetically pleasing projects within the allotted time and your budget.

Comprehensive range of service to clients.
We assist and support our clients to assess, develop, and implement their dreams come true.

Super Team .

A dynamic business offering functional, efficient and sustainable designs; quality driven with a collaborative team of experienced professionals.

Alistair Grell

Business Leader

Melissa Elwin

Environmental, Construction Contract Administration

Delphina Common

Office Manager

Lex Jervier

Cost and Construction Technician

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6 Fort Lane P.O. Box 1232 Roseau, Dominica, W.I.

Telephone: 767-449-9030