Roseau River Promenade

ClientMinistry of Tourism (Dominica)
LocationRoseau, Dominica
StatusDesign phase completed in November 2011
Project valueapproximately EC$ 3,500,000.00

The Ministry of Tourism & Legal Affairs (MOT) set upon this project with the intention of beautifying and cleaning-up the Roseau River which poses environmental challenges for the area, and improving safety against flooding hazards which threaten loss of property and life.

Roseau, Dominica

Roseau River Promenade

In 2010 Sorell Consulting Ltd (SCL) was awarded the contract to undertake design and supervision services for the Roseau River Promenade Project. SCL’s main goal was to produce designs aimed at re-developing the south- west end ¬of the Roseau River bank in a way that would enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area while creating a safer and more pleasant environment for tourism, recreational and commercial activities.

We also took on the architectural design component of this venture and employed three-dimensional imagery to analyze and develop concepts that address the requirements of the site. Various virtual models were produced with the emerging hybrid solution being one which created different ambiances and zones for specific activities. A boardwalk was thus conceived that would run along the river’s edge spanning the length of the site between two Major outlets to the north of the City: the Roseau west bridge and the then under-construction Dominica-China Friendship Bridge.

Ramps and stairs give access to this boardwalk from the promenade on solid ground which in turn, includes green spaces to provide shade and recreation areas, a kiosk strewn food court with split levelled platforms, a two-storeyed minimal with open ground floor to afford views of the river, playground and washroom facilities and various water features and monuments.


Emphasis was placed on the fact that this river fringes the roadway linking the Windsor Park Sports Stadium to the New Roseau Market and in extension to the Bayfront. Sorell sought to pronounce this link through its designs.


This project was developed as a park that will support economic activities, recreational and cultural spaces where locals and tourists, workers and families can socialize or spend time.


The design ensures that road access for surrounding existing businesses is provided, user parking is incorporated, access for people with disabilities is facilitated throughout the promenade, and that the entire development is sustainable under the municipal authority. The project has now reached the end of the design phase.