AID Bank retrofit

AID Bank retrofit

The building housing the offices of the Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank which had been erected in the early 90’s had recently begun to show architectural deficiencies and wear.

In an effort to address these and other maintenance related defects and also improve the corporate image, the bank began a renovation drive rooted in enhancing comfort and conditions for employees and customers alike. Our design team proceeded to produce architectural and structural solutions that would satisfy the bank’s taste and budget while incorporating innovative and green architectural solutions.

For the exterior makeover, the installation of a low maintenance rain screen cladding will enhance the aesthetic, and optimize the building’s energy performance and efficiency. The new High Efficiency Low-‘e’ coated windows will maximize light penetration while minimizing entry of radiated heat.

The main entrance was re-thought for direct access to the bank. The design creates a more appealing entrance with different natural and mineral platforms which reflect the geometry of the building. Alterations to the interior allow more open space at work station and office areas, in an effort to encourage communication and efficiency.

Where physical separation was required, the use of glazed partitions was prioritised to allow as much natural light as possible to propagate through the interior in an attempt to reduce energy costs. The installation of a new ceiling with more reflective acoustic tiles is expected to increase the work space luminosity and complement the introduction of more ergonomic and productivity geared décor.

The board room is relocated to a larger area which can be transformed into meeting or conference room with a new ICT set up for improved communication and presentation.

ClientAgricultural Industrial and Development Bank of Dominica
LocationPottersville, Dominica
DateDesign phase completed June 2011
Project value approximately EC$ 3,500,000.00