Small Spaces: The Reward of Choice

A recent article revealed that the size of a typical home from the 1970’s has grown from an average of 1,600 square feet to now 2,500 square feet while family sizes have in most cases lowered in numbers over time – with two working parents in the home – a statistic to which most of us can relate.  The logic for many is that size represents greater success or so we tell ourselves. We have essentially considered less of our own individual needs and more of the desire to “keep up with the Jones’”. What we fail to realize is that bigger spaces don’t often satisfy our personal requirements or objectives instead much effort is spent on outfitting extra spaces that may never be fully used.


Evaluation of ‘space needs’ becomes very important for any family considering to build or renovate.  This was most evident in a recent renovation for a client where a space evaluation yielded the need for an additional bathroom; more specifically a half bathroom/powder room. The project though started with a far greater want of space, as the matrix of needs vs. wants developed it was soon realized that wants far exceeded the needs column and an appropriate balance had to be achieved.  With two bathrooms   already within the main house and a growing family plus the focus on outdoor living and entertainment the need for more bathrooms translated into a real functional                requirement.  Once the clients were convinced the project scope became a reality. The overall dimensions of 6’ x 8’ meant materials were in small quantities so the ability to showcase finish styles that could not normally be afforded for larger spaces were now a reality.


The client had the desire for some time to modernize their home but could not afford, now was the opportunity to take this approach and run with it for this new bathroom addition.  Finishes included Group 2 nicely finished porcelain wall and floor tiles, a        rectangular vessel sink mounted on a wooden vanity overlain with a corian countertop, an elongated comfort toilet, and a special streamlined sink faucet for more regulated flow. Choice of lighting was an important decision as a balance between energy          consumption and lumination needed to be made.  A selection was made to use recessed LED lights. This turned out to be a great choice to highlight the level of finishes chosen and blend with the colour scheme.


Oftentimes, smaller projects are better funded in contrast to the budget constraints    witnessed for larger projects.  So the next time you’re considering a home improvement project, a half bathroom remodel/construction may be the solution.