Simple Tips to Keep Your Living Room Organized

In Western Architecture, the living room, also referred to as the family room, lounge or sitting room, is a room typically found in a residential home or an apartment for the main purpose of relaxation and socializing. The living room, being central gathering place of the home, is one of the most used rooms in the home as it serves the entire family as well as guests. Because the living room is so frequently used it is important that it is kept as well organized as possible. Here are a few organizational tips that can be used to keep your living room looking attractive and feeling comfortable:

  1. Most people consider a living room to be incomplete without the presence of a coffee table. Coffee tables are low tables designed to be placed in front of the sofa or upholstered chairs around which family members and guests can gather. But what most people fail to realize is its potential to reduce clutter in the room and provide storage. While well suited for beverages and the occasional snack, the coffee table is also good for storing books, magazines, and decorative objects. Simply ensure that this is done in a well presented manner.
  2. Maybe one day all appliances will be wireless, but that day is not today. The television set, sound system, computer and the list goes on can at times be a nuisance when having to deal with detangling their cords and just looking at the visual mess the cords can make. If you want to keep these cords out of sight consider tucking them under an area rug, creatively hiding them behind or underneath furniture, or putting in an outlet directly in the floor.
  3. When it comes to the arrangement of your furniture be sure to use scaled pieces to create balance. The size of the pieces of furniture in the room should be relative to each other and the size of the room. Properties that are scaled similarly are more serene when used together, in addition the right balance of pieces creates a harmonious atmosphere. Also keep in mind that when the furniture in the room is out of scale, it will be noticed and the room will feel disorganized and unwelcoming.

There are many other personal touches you can to your living room to keep it well organized. Keep in mind that one of the main goals should be keeping the room clutter free.