Bedroom makeover for your child’s success!

This new school year make some design changes to your child’s bedroom that will complement their enthusiasm and help keep them focused.

A dose of colour

The effects of color on learning are well documented.  Studies have shown that light blues and purples have a calming effect on learners and are a good choice for a learning environment.  Warm tones like taupe and peach provide a relaxing atmosphere that allows learners to focus on their studies rather than be distracted by their environment. Avoid bold colors, such as red, since they can provide a huge distraction, especially with younger learners. Black and brown are associated with fear and anxiety in young children and can bring about an undercurrent of anxiety. Yellow is the hardest color for the eye to break down and causes stress when the eye comes across it.

Get your child involved

Find out what your child is interested in and decorate his or her room accordingly. For instance, if your child has shown an interest in astronomy, decorate the room with posters of the planets, telescopes, and stars. Get the child fully involved in selecting these items.

Affirmation Signs

Place positive reinforcement signs around the bedroom that can remind your child’s subconscious mind of his or her potential to learn. You and your child can make these signs together.  Make the signs attractive with a lot of colour. Some examples of affirmation signs include:-


Display their accomplishments

Whether it is an A plus paper or artwork, make a point to display your child’s work in their room and throughout the house.  Children need encouragement and support in their achievements.

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