Here in Dominica a basement is one of the least likely rooms you will find in a home. Many individuals view the room as merely for storage and that it is not essential. While storing items that take up needed space in the rooms above is the main use for a basement, it has potential to be used as a variety of rooms that may be difficult to incooperate in your home design. Hence including a basement in your house plan can be an excellent investment down the line. Here are 6 rooms that can be featured in your basement space.

Family Room: A family room is a multipurpose room that is designed for family and friends to socialize. With the right furniture, appliances and design your basement space can be converted into a domestic living space that encourages family bonding.

Spare Bedroom: As your family expands your home may need to expand as well. Expanding upwards can be expensive. And if most of the land is occupied there may be no place to go but up. If you already have a basement, simply clear it up if it is filled, do a little bit of spring cleaning, make a little interior design alterations, add a bed and other bedroom furniture and you have yourself a functional bedroom.

Studio Annex: If your basement is large enough why stop at a bedroom. You can convert your basement into its own self-contained dwelling complete with washroom facilities, kitchenette, living and sleeping areas. This is ideal for extended families and as an added bonus if a private entrance can be added to this room it can be rented out to provide income.

Laundry: If your basement space is not large enough to be converted to living space consider converting it to a laundry. Simply install your washing machine and dryer, and create a few shelves to help with storage of your detergents and other washing essentials. You may want to consider having an area where you can sit and relax so you won’t constantly be moving up and down the stairs.

Home Office: If you find yourself frequently working from home, having an office space away from distractions may have crossed your mind once or twice. But where do you build it? There are no more rooms, and your bedroom is clustered enough as is. The basement can be an excellent idea. Add a desk, your equipment, a book case and you will be working in no time.

Recreation Room: Most home owners who are skilled tradespersons or artists usually do their work outdoors, in a tiny shed, a garage/carport or try to find space inside of the home. If the home has a basement it could easily be transformed into a workshop, craft room or music room where you can create your craft in peace. Just ensure that the room is sound proof so the rest of the family is not disturbed.


Look out for the next 4 additional rooms that you can incorporate into your basement.  Maybe you can share with us in the comments, what you think they are!