Use the Sun to Naturally Make Your Home Brighter

Natural lighting conserves electricity, creates a connection with the outdoors, and gives a space a lively feeling. We should attempt to have light come into a building from as many directions as possible. The quality of the light and connection to the outside is what people feel the most, even more than the size of a space. Here are some of the techniques architects use to bring light in and control it for the best effect.


Tracking the sun’s path

If you like to wake up to the sun, you can build the bedrooms on the east side of the house. If you prefer maximum light in the living/dining quarters later in the day, you can choose to put them on the west side.


Funneling light into the center of a home

One common technique many architects use is to create a central stairwell, for multiple storey buildings that doubles as a light well, lit by a nearby window or skylight. This makes the stairs light and open.



Adding more windows to your home or building allows for the maximum capitalization of sunlight. The more windows there are, the more light enters and fill the entire room.


Replace Interior Solid Doors with Glass

Living, dining, laundry rooms with solid interior doors can be replaced with glass doors which not only allows light to easily pass through but also reflects light back into the room.


Paint Your Rooms Deep Colours

The most common thing to do with dark rooms is to paint them light to increase brightness, but sometimes the best thing to do is to embrace the shadows and go for deeper, moody colors.


Hang a Well-Placed Mirror

Another tool for reflecting light is with the use of mirrors. The addition of mirrors in living rooms allows captured light to be reflected in the opposite direction.


Trimming Trees and Other Plants

Trees are beneficial to the home in that it blocks the sun from directly heating the home. However they reduce the amount of light entering the room. By effectively trimming the leaves and branches they can achieve both functions.