Interior design tips – Small bedroom arrangement

When arranging the bedroom, consider the location of the doors and windows, the room’s dimension and the size of your furniture. The bed is most likely the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so you should probably start there. Try placing it on the wall opposite the bedroom’s door; it creates a pleasant view upon entering the room. You can also consider placing it along the room’s longest wall; most times there is one wall that is not interrupted by windows or doors.

If your closet is moveable, it should be placed using similar logics to the bed because of its size, appearance and frequency of usage.

Your dresser in usually the second largest furniture in the bedroom; if it can function as a television stand, place it across from the bed.

Still have space? A bedside table can be introduced. A lamp and other bedside necessities can rest on top of it and it can also be used for additional storage.

If there is still more space available, consider a desk and chair dressed with a mirror or office material where you can do a bit of work comfortably.

A small bench at the end of your bed would be ideal for short sits and appropriate for putting on shoes in the morning.