April Fools’ Day – Make Small Spaces Appear Big

Many persons put a lot of emphasis on their bedroom and kitchen; this is good because they are often the most used spaces in the home.  The rest of the house is also important because they are the places where we meet and entertain our friends, family and other visitors.  A small space doesn’t necessarily have to feel small, you can make it big.  Here are a few ways to do that:


  1. Consider your household traffic when buying furniture and placing them inside the house. Smaller pieces of furniture placed in strategic locations will make you and your visitors comfortable if they can move freely around them.


  1. Multipurpose furniture is ideal for small homes e.g. a chair bed in the living room allows you to accommodate a visitor overnight. Look for furniture that can also be used for storage.


  1. If you can afford high-end décor, go ahead but there are stores who sell affordable pieces of decorative furniture that may be just as beautiful. Some locally crafted items can also do the trick.


  1. Your paint colour can either make or break your interior decoration. Paint your home in colours that will complement your furniture and will greater enhance your room’s appeal.


  1. Bold colours are great for lifting a room however we do not advise the use of too many bright colours in one area especially if the room is small.


  1. A very important aspect of designing a home is light, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health reasons. You should try to make the best use of natural light that infiltrates your home.


  1. Do you know mirrors make rooms appear bigger than they really are? The hanging of a mirror or two enhances the appearance of a home.  In addition to making the room look larger, it also makes it brighter.


Before you begin, get your finances straight.  Think carefully about what changes you would like to make and the money you can spend before you start the project.