Benefits of Building a Garage Space

Benefits of Building a Garage Space

A garage is one of many types of rooms within a home that is not commonly found here in Dominica for a number of reasons. For one, an individual or family may not see it as a necessity to have a garage if they do not own a vehicle or if they do not plan on buying one anytime soon.

Another reason is that due to size of the land available for building, individuals may feel that a garage may be a waste of space. Because of these reasons the idea to add a garage to one’s house plan seems like more of a burden than a blessing, however, there are many benefits to having a garage space. In this article we share with you today, we will look at a few of them.

Vehicle Storage: Keeping your vehicle outdoors makes it more susceptible to grime and damage. Also the direct impact of the sun makes inside vehicles extremely hot and uncomfortable when it’s ready for use. Storing your vehicle in a garage offers greater protection.

Vehicle Maintenance: A garage space can be used to repair vehicles (rebuilding engines, replacing brakes, etc.) without interruption. If this is a skill that you have, the space can create an avenue for either fulltime or part-time employment.

Storage Room: A well designed garage can be used for many household functions apart from vehicle use. A garage can be the ideal space to store items that take up unnecessary space within the living areas of the home. Even if there is a vehicle taking up floor space, shelving can be installed along the walls to store items.

Workshop/Office: If you are into carpentry, art or other forms of trade the garage space can the perfect place to put your abilities into practice. Also if you frequently work from home and do not already have plans to add a home office to your home design a garage space can offer the perfect solution.

Living Space: While your family grows over time finances may not make it possible for your home to grow as well. If you already have a garage space built, it can easily be converted into a new living space (bedroom, living room, etc.) to create additional space.

Therefore while it may be difficult or even impossible to add a garage space to serve its main purpose of vehicle storage you can still have the room built to serve another purpose.

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Written by Garn Todd Joseph
Website & Advertising Assistant for the Millenia Group of Companies