What’s the Right House Plan for You?

We learned at school that one of our basic needs is shelter.  When we reach adulthood, it becomes important to have a home we can call our own or necessary to provide shelter to our own family.  At some point in our lives, each of us gets to choose the type of home we live in.  We may have to choose a rental, buy a home or build. Those who choose to build a house may opt to design and build to just satisfy their basic needs while others design based on their personal desires.  Whichever reason you decide to build, the floor plan of the home that you choose will have a great effect on whether you will live comfortably and have made the most economical decisions.


Factors such as your budget and family lifestyle can be used to guide your decision when choosing the right plan for you and your family.  Your monthly commitments, terms of your financial institution and your savings will have a great effect on the home you will choose to build.  This will determine whether you are building to satisfy basic needs or whether you are going for the dream home.


Do you entertain a lot of persons or are you the kind who spends a lot of time in the outdoors?  Think of your site and how the house will fit on it.  What sort of landscaping you would like to have? Are you the one to call friends or neighbours and strike the grill?  The extra space your land provides can be used for fun activities or simply relaxing.  You may want to plan your house layout to complement your outdoor space or vice versa.


Once you have made the decision to build a home, the need to spend money wisely becomes increasingly important.  Asking yourself these questions and more, giving some thought to your housing needs or wants, will take you a long way in deciding which house plan is best for you.