Quantity Surveyors Can Help Keep Projects on Budget

A quantity surveyor or cost estimator can keep your project on budget and avoid unpleasant surprises.


An architect draws a plan and makes initial calculations of the cost of construction (the cost plan) in reflection to the client’s budget.  However, if there is no one to keep an eye on finances, construction projects have the potential to spiral in cost.


A quantity surveyor/cost estimator deals with the financial management of a project. He liaises with the architect and the client throughout to revise the cost plan as the design changes and becomes more detailed.


Quantity surveyors/cost estimators are also concerned with managing different contract forms and dealing with a number of different areas e.g. valuations, final accounts, dispute resolutions etc.  A quantity surveyor/ cost estimator will basically manage the financial and contractual sides of a project.


They usually work on all types of projects including residential and commercial and on projects ranging from building schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, public roads and bridges.


Quantity surveyors work involves:


  • Helping the client establish a budget for the project


  • Liaising with the client and architect to produce initial cost estimates


  • Revising costing as the plans are developed


  • Producing a bill of quantities to be given out to contractors


  • Preparing contractual documents


  • Designating work to contractors if the client wishes


  • Monitoring costs once the project has begun


  • Checking invoices and overseeing payments, usually on a monthly basis


  • Scheduling materials


  • Measuring and valuing the finished project to produce an end report


Any client who is concerned with cost regarding their project will realize the importance of working with an individual or company who can ensure that the project is delivered within the specified budget.