7 Advantages of a Single Storey Home

Torn between constructing a single storey and multi-storey home?

Today we offer you with seven (7) advantages of remaining at ground level rather than moving up.

It is cheaper to build flat. Fewer materials are used when building a single storey home compared to one with additional floors. Labor costs and professional fees are also cheaper when building a single storey home.

Single storey homes are more efficient in regards to space and time. Stairs take up valuable space from the total area of the home. In addition a shorter timeframe is taken when constructing a single storey home compared to a multi-storey home, because less work has to be put into the project.

If you plan on expanding your home later on in life the best decision to make is to build flat (if you have adequate land). It is also cheaper to expand at ground level rather than adding an additional floor. When expanding upwards be sure to get engineering input to ensure its safe and built to code.

Maintenance is easier accomplished with a single storey home. Plumbing pipes, electrical installation and the entire building on a whole is easier to maintain. Pipes can be removed at ea威而鋼
se or replaced if needed, unlike a multi-storey home where they may be embedded into the concrete.

Single storey homes are more accommodating towards children, the elderly and persons with disabilities. Stairs poses safety concerns for individuals who may have difficulty moving up and down as they can easily trip and fall. Disabled persons, especially those wheelchair bound will need constant maneuvering to be taken around the home.

In case of emergencies such as fires, earthquakes, etc. a single storey home is more beneficial in that it allows for evacuations to occur at ease, seeing that you are already on the ground floor. In a single storey home you are closer to the main entrance/exit of the home and you can easily jump through a window.

A single storey home is also easier to move in. It is easy to just place furniture, appliances and décor in their designated room when they carried inside without having to worry about how you are going to get them up the stairs.

If you need any clarification on this topic, feel free to email us at feedback@millenia.dm. Written by Garn Todd Joseph Website & Advertising Assistant for the Millenia Group of Companies