Variables That Can Affect the Construction Timeline

Variables That Can Affect the Construction Timeline

Anyone looking to buy a home knows that it is all about compromise. You may find a good home, but the kitchen is smaller than you want. Or the price is within your budget, but the layout is nowhere close to what you are looking for. If you have searched tirelessly and simply cannot find the right home, you may need to have the perfect home constructed. One of the most common questions we get asked is, how long will constructing a home take?


While experts believe that it takes somewhere between 5 months and a year to build a residential building from scratch, there are a lot of variables that can affect the construction timeline to be considered, the biggest of which are:-


  • The number of efficient workers on the job each day – the timeline in which your home is completed heavily depends on the amount of individuals working on the construction site. For instance, if you have a large crew more work can be accomplished in a shorter period of time compared to having a small group of construction workers.


  • Type of materials – the materials you choose can also impact your construction timeline. Based on the home you want built, whether it be made of concrete, brick, wood, or a combination of the above mentioned, the time taken to complete will vary. Also whether you desire a concreted roof, galvanized roof, or a tiled roof can affect the timeline.


  • Arrival of materials – one holdup that can be out of your contractor’s hands is the arrival/availability of materials. It is beyond the control of anyone except the company providing the construction materials as to when they will be available. Not having the necessary items when needed can cause your construction project to get off track.


  • The state, location and accessibility of the lot – in instances where there may be an existing building in need of being demolished or the ground where you want to build is in bad shape or steep more time will be added to the duration of the construction project. If the land is located in an area with poor access, transportation of materials can be difficult and result in work being slower.


  • The weather – weather is probably one of the most common factors that can delay construction, especially at the beginning of the job, before the roof is complete. Constant rainfall as well as many other acts of nature can delay your progress. Once you have the walls and roof finished, bad weather isn’t as much of a concern.


What is most important is that you find a contractor or construction firm who you can trust and who communicates with you every step of the way. You need to trust that you are being given a reasonable time estimate. If something feels like it is taking too long, ask your contractor about it. There could be a good reason, but you will not know unless you ask.


Have you experienced the home building process? Are you a contractor yourself? What are your thoughts on the variables shared? Did you experience another factor that affected the timeline of your construction project? Share with us in the comments below.

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