Cracked Walls: A Sign of Major Structural Problem

Cracked Walls: A Sign of Major Structural Problem

The cracked walls and foundations, sagging roof lines and uneven or tilting floors can be symptoms of major structural problems.

Two common causes for structural problem are Differential Settlement (when the building foundation settles unequally) and Poor Renovations (when changes are made to the structure of a building without proper support). These can put great stress on the foundation, wall, floors, ceilings and roof of a building.

If you have observed cracked walls or any of these symptoms, you can save yourself problems and money by calling in professionals that can help you. We suggest you start by contacting a structural engineer to conduct a building inspection.

A building inspection on your home or commercial property is a visual examination of the physical structure and system, from the roof to the foundation, which is designed to identify observed defects within specific components.

Also, if you are planning to renovate, we advise you to get professional help before you start hacking into the structure of your building.

Timely Actions Very Often Prevent Great Losses!