The Importance Of Hiring An Architect

Designing and building a home, office or investment property can be particularly complicated.  Each task entails exceptional skills and disciplines in order to get the job done perfectly.  If you are planning a home extension, conversion or are building a new property, it is more than likely that you will need the assistance of an architect. Therefore here are a few reasons why hiring an architect is important.


  • An architect works with you on an intensive examination of your requirements, to help you accomplish your vision. He will help you characterize and create what you want to build, as well as present options you may never have considered.


  • An architect will help you set a practical and rational budget, and help guide you through the planning process. They design in accordance with set standards and provide assistance in obtain permission from the necessary authority, in Dominica, Physical Planning Division.


  • They are knowledgeable about building materials and practices and are also familiar with new building technologies and materials, and their application, to create efficient buildings that are airy, comfortable and stylish.


  • An architect knows how to plan rationally for best environmental performance, they can give advice about placing the building on the site to enhance views and features, to catch the sun, provide shade, promote natural cross-flow ventilation, reduce and conserve energy.


  • Architects produce outstanding solutions to often complex residential and commercial needs. Creative thinking, attention to detail and functional performance underpin everything an architect does.


  • An architect manages the construction phase and all the work if necessary. They manage consultants like surveyors. Critically, your architect will inspect the work right through the construction period to facilitate you in getting the quality and level of finishes you deserve.