Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Keeping your home, its contents, and your family safe is top priority for most of us. The time to consider the steps that need to be taken to safeguard your home is not after it has been burglarized but before an individual even thinks of doing so. Today we share tips that you can use to protect your home for being broken into.

Ensure that all exterior doors have good proper locks. 1-inch deadbolt locks should be installed on all exterior doors. Reconsider having them installed on doors within the home. If for any reason you would need to make a quick escape spending time trying to locate a key to get out could be very hazardous.

Find inconspicuous places to hide your spare keys. Never leave keys under doormats, potted plants or any other obvious outdoor location around the home where a thief can easily find them; we see how easily they find them in the movies right?… If possible consider giving an extra set of keys to a trustworthy neighbor.

If your home includes a garage, keep the door closed at all times whether you are at home or not. It is extremely important to safeguard your belongings. When you keep the garage doors closed, it limits access to your home from intruders.  

For areas of the home visible to the public, ensure that drapes and blinds are kept shut, especially in rooms where there are a lot of valuable items. Exposing the contents of your home to the public not only lets a potential criminal know what can be taken but it may also appear as an invitation to them.

Using reinforced windows made of laminated glass or a special type of glass similar to that of a car windshield can prove to be very effective. If you have glass windows in your home all a burglar would need to do to gain access is break the window, reach inside and unlock it. Reinforced windows diminish this possibility. In addition, ensure that door locks are farther that arm’s length from the window.

What other important safety measures can you think of?  Share with us below.